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Terzani’s Stream in Karl Lagerfeld’s Home

Terzani's stream is a featured in Karl Lagerfeld's Villa outside Paris. Over seven kilometers of metal chain appear to flow down from the undulating, nickel-plated frame – these cascading tiers project a tranquil shadow throughout the room.

Gaia by Terzani

The Gaia Linear Pendant consists of geometric frames of Brass or Raw Metal, and captures the mythical and natural beauty of its Earth goddess namesake.

Mizu by Terzani

Inspired by the tranquil and mesmerizing light refractions created by water, Mizu is a customizable pendant light from Terzani. Like water droplets, no two Mizu are alike, each crystal shape is unique and made meticulously by hand.

Terzani on Masterchef Italia

Terzani's new Mizu cognac & champagne colors are featured on the set of Masterchef Italia Season 11. No two Mizu are alike, each crystal shape is unique and made meticulously by hand.

Argent by Terzani

Argent consists of metal discs that have been meticulously shaped by hand by Terzani craftsmen into clusters. Once lit, the multiple, angled surfaces of the discs emanate a soft, shimmering glow. Argent is available in stainless steel, gold plated and rose gold. Black nickel and champagne are available on request.

Manta by Terzani

Manta’s organic undulating crystal forms are designed to emit light reminiscent of being underwater. The shapes are available in two sizes in customizable arrangements.

Frame by Terzani

Frame features the shape of a coral leaf made from metal inside a borosilicate glass shade. A hidden bulb inside the fixture projects dynamic shadows through the coral.

Epoque by Terzani

Composed of curved organic lines, Epoque’s flexible brass frame is suspended by nickel metal chains that envelop a room in reflections of soft light.