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Artemide Come Together

Come Together is an innovative portable lamp that delivers 6 hours of light without being connected to a wall power. A simple USB charging port recharges the Li-On battery inside.

Artemide Calipso

The unique honeycomb grill of Calipso was generated by feeding a photo of the moon into an image-based algorithm found on a seemingly extinct computer. The resulting fractal shape, an impure geometry that displays the irregular beauty of nature, is built from an organic honeycomb of different diameter tubes, seemingly arranged in a random geometry.

Artemide Come Together Table

Come Together is an innovative portable lamp, that delivers a perfect light with 16 hours of operation without being connected to a wall power. The lamp features a simple USB charging port with a Li-On rechargeable battery inside, and a very high efficiency of 85%.

The “O” from Artemide

The "O" is thin disc designed to interfere as little as possible with the existing landscape, but when activated provide soft, non-glaring illumination.

Artemide at Lavazza HQ

Artemide fixtures are featured throughout the Lavazza Headquarters in New York City – from task lights to large scale fixtures and acoustic lamps.

Artemide Alphabet of Light system

Alphabet of Light is a system consisting of linear or curved modules of varying lengths and angles that can be connected together. The system is continually growing with new curved elements available.

Algoritmo by Artemide

Artemide's Algoritmo creates strong graphic lines of light that welcome patients into the One Heart Care cardiology office. Algoritmo is also used on the ceiling to create a path of light down a curved hallway.

Discovery by Artemide

Artemide's Discovery is composed of a slim aluminum ring holding a thin, specially treated transparent material. When turned on, the material fills with light as if by magic via an LED strip housed within the ring.

Kao by Artemide

Artemide's Kao works both as a light source and a sculpture, adding visual interest with its angular lines and bold look. Kao is composed of pre-assembled sub-units, giving designers and architects the ability to create custom installations.