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Traxon at the Xiqu Centre

Lighting Designers Horton Lees Brogden integrated the Traxon Nano Liner Allegro, Liner Quattro and Cove Light AC HO into the structure of the Hong Kong Xiqu Centre to light the atrium. The connected lighting creates an open, well-lit space where people may ramble on the circular hallways or sit and contemplate on the star white stairs.

Traxon Allegro Media Tube Lite

Allegro Media Tube Lite fits into any wall, façade or media lighting application with tight installation requirements, while the wide beam angle output and 10-pixels-per-meter ensures a smooth illumination experience. Featuring auto addressing and quick lock connectivity, this greatly simplifies the lighting installation for building façades, media applications, bridges and more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nARgfuyzg9U

Traxon Media Pixel Ribbon Outdoor

A flexible, IP67 rated solution that is available in RGB or RGBW with Flat Bend, Horizontal Bend and Vertical Bend options to accommodate curved, architectural structures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlZncuxVNwI

Traxon Cove Light AC DIM GII

A slim and innovative solution for ambiance and accent applications with excellent lighting effect, high efficiency and easy installation. Providing a wide range of lighting application from low output to high output versions, and down to 5% dimming resolution without flickering.  Cove Light AC DIM GII Spec Sheet 

Turn Around Systems by Artemide

Turn Around is an innovative system. The freedom to design light in space is ensured by the flexibility to combine different geometries within the structure, but also the possibility to integrate different performances. Various linear, 90-degree angle, and curved modules can be combined with electrical and mechanical continuity, giving the utmost freedom to create ever evolving shapes.  Previous Next Artemide-Turn-Around-Brochure

Stellar Nebula by Artemide

Stellar Nebula is an intepretation of traditional glass manifacturing with BIG innovative vision and Artemide know- how. A new project that reflects on the limits, values and roles of industrial and artisanal production to combine them in a solution that makes uniqueness and seriality coincide. Previous Next https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iI8bc39Fh0

A.24 Systems by Artemide

A.24 is a new comprehensive and flexible system to design light within a space.  A single profile, only 24 mm thick, can be installed in ceiling or suspension mode to continuously follow the angles on a flat or three-dimensional surface. The system can host a variety of performance options: diffused light, sharp optical units with three beam angles, or a smart magnetic track. Previous Next https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbT-uuXF_N4

Alphabet of Light by Artemide

Alphabet of light can be used to design light in a space with words as well as graphic signs using simple base modules with specific geometric proportions that can be combined to create countless linear or curved structures of light. The linear and round modules can be combined to form a system of letters, numbers and symbols as well as free or closed compositions. Previous Next https://vimeo.com/790807661/842b1b5194

Hunza Ultra 35 Liquid Beam Tunable White Spot Light

The Hunza Ultra 35 Liquid Beam™ Intelligent Luminaire range packs a punch. Integrating multiple technologies into one streamlined product providing control at your fingertips. The standard Ultra 35 Luminaire has been enhanced to facilitate Casambi technology, Bluetooth & Liquid Beam™ Control.