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Crosshatch by B.lux

Crosshatch is formed by a metal structure available in three formats, which can be combined to create multiple large configurations.

Circus by Modoluce

The large scale Circus decorates and illuminates a space, while protecting it from ambient noise and reverberations with sound-absorbing fabrics.

Bol by Bover

Inspired by the classic Maria Theresa chandeliers, the concept of the Bol emerged as a large, contemporary chandelier whose charm resides in its opaque body and the upper and lower light path emitted by its shades.

Confetti by Specialty Lighting

Just like little pieces of paper floating from the sky can create an a amazing image in a parade, Confetti offers a fun way to deliver light in small packages. The Confetti family's array of options include recessed downlights, wallwashers , eyeball adjustables and surface offerings in the form of tiny monopoints and pendants.

Supercoral by Lumen Center Italia

Natural branching and irregular shapes with decorative contours are the hallmarks of the Coral family. Supercoral is the largest member of the family, with 8 or 16 lights.

Alma by Il Fanale

The evocative fusion of glass and brass gives rise to Alma, a collection of lamps in contemporary design. Spherical luminous bodies are suspended as if on a trapeze for an interplay of geometry and balance.

Eva by Modoluce

Generous volumes and delicate reflections welcome the eye when Eva is switched on. A pendant lamp with ceramic or terracotta body and fabric cable available in several colours, perfect to create directed, diffused light.

Point Heliport Lighting

Point Lighting was the first US manufacturer to offer a complete LED heliport lighting system, including perimeter and surface flood lighting, navigational aids, and controls.