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LuxR Modux V1

The LuxR Modux V1 is a compact low-voltage dimmable indoor/outdoor light. The ultra discreet Modux is designed to project an asymmetrical wash across paths and steps.

Luxr M1 Halo pole light

The LuxR Halo is a 1" diameter landscape pole luminaire, with a unique conical head that washes light downwards. The light engine can be easily replaced or swapped with for a color LED.

Luxr M2 Recessed Wall Washer

The LuxR M2 Wall Washer is a small, low-voltage dimmable outdoor fixture for washing walls with a uniform light. Designed primarily to be recessed into floors, its state of the art optic creates a subtle wash of light with excellent beam uniformity. Can also be mounted in walls to wash floor surfaces.

Luxr's M1 Wayfinder Pole Light

The M1 Wayfinder is a miniature pole light with a slim 1-inch diameter, designed to cast an asymmetric wash. The IP68 rated fixture is precision machined in marine grade 316 stainless steel, copper or powder-coated aluminum

Pool lighting from LuxR

LuxR's M4 and M2 Pool lights are low-voltage dimmable pool light producing 360 lumens. The IP68 rated fixtures are precision machined in marine grade 316 stainless steel, and contain a Cree 4 watt LED that can be easily replaced to alter the beam width.

LuxR Micro Diamond 180°

The LuxR Modux Micro Diamond 180° is a miniature low-voltage dimmable outdoor uplight, with a 100mm spike for installing into soil - simply plant and orient. Illumination is directed in a 180° band inclined upward, ideal for illuminating shrubbery.