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Hunza Euro Twin Bar Lite

The Euro Twin Bar Lite is an extra compact outdoor luminaire designed for situations where the fixture needs to be very unobtrusive or concealed. Two spotlights which can be aimed in different directions – ideal for illuminating landscape features.

Aleddra Gen 2 Sports Light

Aleddra now offers their next generation of DLC qualified LED sports lighting fixtures for any sport, both indoor and outdoor. A wide array of wattages and factory options will provide ample lighting coverage for any sports field.

Neri’s Brenta Collection wins the Big See Award

Neri was recently awarded the Big See Product Design Award for 2018. The Brenta collection uses a proprietary lightweight concrete to create a suite of site furniture packed with amenities like wireless phone chargers, lighting, and Wi-Fi antennas.

Bud by Innermost

Bud is a go-anywhere do-anything portable LED lamp. Imitating nature, the globe bulb is shelled by two petal-like forms which appear to simultaneously hold and protect the light. Simply Push down on Bud’s bulb to activate the light and press again to increase the light intensity from 25% to 50% to 100%.

Aleddra’s Glass A19 LED Bulb

Want the look of a traditional incandescent bulb with the savings and efficiency of an LED? Aleddra's dimmable glass A19 Omni bulb is the first of its kind in the US market.

Luxr's M1 Wayfinder Pole Light

The M1 Wayfinder is a miniature pole light with a slim 1-inch diameter, designed to cast an asymmetric wash. The IP68 rated fixture is precision machined in marine grade 316 stainless steel, copper or powder-coated aluminum

Kao by Artemide

Artemide's Kao works both as a light source and a sculpture, adding visual interest with its angular lines and bold look. Kao is composed of pre-assembled sub-units, giving designers and architects the ability to create custom installations.

ETi GrowElite High Output LED Grow Light

Ideal for soil or hydroponic planting in greenhouses, commercial growing operations and indoor gardens, ETi's GrowElite LED grow lights emit the bands of the light spectrum that plants absorb the most, accelerating plant growth for higher yields. Full spectrum LED can be adjusted to promote Vegetating or Flowering stages of development.

Point's PFB Flashing Beacon

Point Lighitng's PFB LED red and white medium intensity flashing beacons are for use on aviation obstructions, and features Point's exclusive corrosion resistant finish which exceeds FAA requirements.