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Ascenti Raindrop

The Raindrop Mini-Pendant provides 360° diffuse illumination from an unobtrusive cap 1.32" and frosted acrylic rod. The fixture can be used as a single accent, or arranged by Ascenti into a fully customized array.

Ascenti’s Circadian-Safe Lighting

Learn about Ascenti's Vivio Circadian-Safe LED board, designed with both blue and violet emission chips, avoiding the typical LED blue spike on the photopic spectrum known to influence our circadian systems. 

Cybersconce by Ascenti

Ascenti's Cybersconce offers futuristic, geometric styling in a tough-as-nails package, made to withstand the elements. Cybersconce is designed for direct illumination and at a mere 2-3/4" deep, this fixture is also ADA compliant.

Ascenti Trifecta

Deceptively delicate in appearance, the Trifecta features mounting legs are actually hollow, structural carbon fiber rods providing superior strength, with one "power foot" for through-wiring. The 2W RGBWW LED COB is easily replaceable by removing its light aluminum shroud. Embracing an incongruous design approach, no side length is the same, forming an acute scalene triangle.

Ascenti Circadian-Safe Lighting

This recently completed project features Ascenti's Vivio Circadian-Safe linear throughout the house. Circadian-Safe Tunable LEDs reduce blue light exposure with a dual-chip design: one with Blue chip emission for Active/Daytime environments and one Violet chip emission for Circadian-Sensitive/Nighttime environments. Paired with DMX controls, automated pre-programmed scene scheduling reduces blue and increases violet chip emission at night for healthier sleep patterns.

Ascenti in Conshohocken

Sora West is a new mixed-use development in Conshohocken with a community courtyard featuring Ascenti's WOO "World of One" luminaire. Three custom 8ft diameter rings illuminate the exterior walkway, softening the linear space with its comforting halo-effect and providing warm ambient illumination to the adjacent restaurant.