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Ascenti Circadian-Safe Lighting

This recently completed project features Ascenti's Vivio Circadian-Safe linear throughout the house. Circadian-Safe Tunable LEDs reduce blue light exposure with a dual-chip design: one with Blue chip emission for Active/Daytime environments and one Violet chip emission for Circadian-Sensitive/Nighttime environments. Paired with DMX controls, automated pre-programmed scene scheduling reduces blue and increases violet chip emission at night for healthier sleep patterns.

Ascenti in Conshohocken

Sora West is a new mixed-use development in Conshohocken with a community courtyard featuring Ascenti's WOO "World of One" luminaire. Three custom 8ft diameter rings illuminate the exterior walkway, softening the linear space with its comforting halo-effect and providing warm ambient illumination to the adjacent restaurant.

Ascenti REYK

With a luminous area of less than 1" and fixture depth of 1-1/8", Ascenti's REYK mini-downlight offers high performance in an ingeniously tiny package.

Ascenti’s New AR & VR-capable App

Ascenti's new lighting app utilizes augmented reality to let you visualize and modify their custom fixtures in any space. A virtual reality feature gives you a unique 360-degree view of Ascenti's portfolio.

Illuminated Mirrors by Ascenti

Ascenti's mirrors feature integrated LED illumination that can be activated with a proximity sensor or switch. The mirrors also have a variety of accessories, including time display, USB port, bluetooth speaker, and integrated TV display.