Month: August 2022

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Elco’s New Elm System

Elco's new Elm System downlights feature a 5-CCT Switch, and maximum flexibility by mix-&-matching any round or square trim with reflector or baffle finish. Designed to be installed without the need for a housing.

Nucleo by Modoluce

Modoluce's Nucleo hanging lamp dynamically illuminates its space, thanks to a LED source that slides within its metal frame.

CTO’s Anvers Collection

Inspired by the linear plains of the Flemish landscape, the Anvers collection embodies the low-lying profile of the terrain with its refined silhouette, while creating maximum impact through its exquisite disc of natural alabaster stone.

Evluma OmniMax Lamp

Emulating the light center and size of HID bulbs used in decorative light fixtures, the OmniMax omnidirectional LED replacement lamp utilizes an Evluma novel light engine design and revolutionary optics.

Current’s ERLC Roadway Fixture

Current's ERLC features custom engineered Reflective Optic Technology that optimizes application efficiency, minimizes driver glare, and 'shapes' the light to focus it where it is needed.

Ascenti Raindrop

The Raindrop Mini-Pendant provides 360° diffuse illumination from an unobtrusive cap 1.32" and frosted acrylic rod. The fixture can be used as a single accent, or arranged by Ascenti into a fully customized array.