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Lucent Lighting

London-based Lucent Lighting offers a range of sleek architectural, professional specification grade lighting for hospitality, residential, retail and commercial projects.

XtraLight’s Instaship Xpress

Specifically designed to ELIMINATE lead times, XtraLight's Instaship Xpress offers 16 products available in 24 hours. Orders placed before 1 PM (CST) will be shipped the next business day!

Point Lighting’s new website

Point Lighting has been a leader and innovator in heliport and obstruction lighting since 1993. A fully American-made manufacturer, Point supplys specification-grade products, custom-built solutions, and unique technical expertise.

Penn Globe’s PennAVATE Program

Make Iconic Historic Fixtures New Again. Don’t replace your history with new LED fixtures that look out of place. Instead, rejuvenate with PennAVATE, Penn Globe’s easy process to make your classic old lights new again.

Oscar by Terzani

Terzani's Oscar series pays homage to the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. The Oscar table lamp consists of a glass orb delicately held by curved brass. Available in nickel, brass, black, white, gold plated and rose gold finish.

TMB Architectural Lighting

TMB provides innovative products and reliable service to theatre, TV, film, and concert professionals worldwide. TMB’s “Built for the Road” quality and service is now available to Architectural specifiers and installers.

JLC at Arizona State

The new ceiling design is a series of acoustical clouds in which the JLC-Tech fixtures are harmoniously integrated with compatible transitional pendant fixtures in-between.

Keep clean with touchless light switches

Anigmo touchless switches are compatible with Daintree controls, and now available through GE Current, a Daintree Company. The touchless switches are easy to install into a standard wallbox or mounted behind a panel or drywall.