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Slice by Specialty Lighting

1" & 2" Linear Multicell DownlightIlluminate your space with precision Slices of glare free light. The Slice family offers linear 1” and 2” wide profiles in recessed and below ceiing options. Both sizes offer modular continuous runs to your specified length. The unobtrusive fixture features ultra-low glare values (UGR)≥13. With multiple CCTs, 2 outputs and 3 beam options, the Slice family delivers. 

Scope by Specialty Lighting

The Scope O is Specialty's 2.5” downlight featuring plenum intrusions < 3.5” in some combinations and a wide selection of source, driver and control technology and over 40 different anodize or paint finishes.The Scope Wonder Wall Wash creates indirect illumination with amazing uniformity from ceiling to floor from a fixture designed to disappear.

Confetti by Specialty Lighting

The Confetti family’s array of options includes recessed downlights, wall washers , adjustable eyeball and surface offerings in the form of tiny monopoints and pendants. All are available in flanged and flangeless. At ~ 400 lumens in the downlights and 3:1 wall washing uniformity you have plenty of flux to create BIG EFFECTS with small stuff. Have some fun and throw some Confetti to light your space. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzKArSs-Cuw

Confetti by Specialty Lighting

Just like little pieces of paper floating from the sky can create an a amazing image in a parade, Confetti offers a fun way to deliver light in small packages. The Confetti family's array of options include recessed downlights, wallwashers , eyeball adjustables and surface offerings in the form of tiny monopoints and pendants.

Real wood trims from Specialty Lighting

Customizable real wood trims are available for Specialty Lighting's downlight/accent fixtures. Wood from your project's ceiling gets sent to Specialty Lighting where it's made into a trim. Then it's returned to the project to be stained by the woodworkers on site for a perfect match.