Month: July 2021

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Bover’s Tanit Wins iF Award

Bover's Tanit has received a 2021 iF Design Award. Tanit is a portable and rechargeable table lamp, with soft light diffused through a screen woven by hand with cotton thread.

Innermost Panel

Panel came from experimentation with materials – the use of both polished and matte surfaces were inspired by contemporary jewelry as well as architectural cladding.

New Hunza Ultra 12 Spot

The Hunza Ultra 12 Spot Range offers three choices of light engine, static white, tunable white, and dim to warm which warms during dimming to mimic incandescent light.

Artemide Come Together Table

Come Together is an innovative portable lamp, that delivers a perfect light with 16 hours of operation without being connected to a wall power. The lamp features a simple USB charging port with a Li-On rechargeable battery inside, and a very high efficiency of 85%.