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The bespoke fixture was commissioned as the primary focal point for a 25,000-square-foot collector’s home. Engineered to suspend 30 feet from the ceiling without any visible fasteners, the Column boasts 750 artisanal glass cabochon pieces casting an ethereal reflection against the home’s three-story, sinuously curved limestone staircase. Previous Next https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY-PD4f6cps


Labra is an exploration of stone as nature’s art, hand-chiseled and carefully shaped to perfection by masters in their craft. Honoring the rich materiality of European alabaster, Labra is a wall-mounted LED fixture and ornamental statement piece that stands the test of time.


Halo is a series of bold lamps inspired by the warm glow of the proprietary LED ring luminaire, each housed in hand-finished casing with a jewel-like finish. The modular system allows for Halo pendants to be suspended in a multitude of compositions, akin to a sophisticated, hanging art installation both illuminated and at rest.

Lumato GEO Series

The GEO Series provides specifiers with a creative lighting option to add depth and shape to a space. GEO fixtures feature the Slēk’s true 1” aperture with exceptional performance, accurate color, and powerful illumination with an elegant lens. Previous Next

Lumato SLĒK Acoustic Suspended

The Slēk Acoustic series is an architectural fusion of light and sound. The slim 1” aperture is paired with an acoustic baffle to provide versatile illumination and substantial sound dampening for a wide variety of commercial, civic, and educational spaces.

Linear Express Next Day Shipping

The Linear Express Program offers the fastest architectural linear lead times with next-day shipments, industry-leading prices, and superior quality. Fixtures include a one-piece aluminum housing, standard 0-10V 1% dimming with dim to off standard, plus a ten-year warranty. Previous Next https://player.vimeo.com/video/463506303