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Bol by Bover

Inspired by the classic Maria Theresa chandeliers, the concept of the Bol emerged as a large, contemporary chandelier whose charm resides in its opaque body and the upper and lower light path emitted by its shades.

Confetti by Specialty Lighting

Just like little pieces of paper floating from the sky can create an a amazing image in a parade, Confetti offers a fun way to deliver light in small packages. The Confetti family's array of options include recessed downlights, wallwashers , eyeball adjustables and surface offerings in the form of tiny monopoints and pendants.

ETi TwistFit Marine Bulkhead

ETi's TwistFit Marine Bulkheads are versatile and durable. Built tough to withstand the harshest weather conditions with a protective metal grid and polycarbonate base that is rust and corrosion resistant.

ETi Active Plasma Treatment Technology

SilentAir combines traditional ambient illumination with an internal Plasma Technology generator. An extremely quiet circulation system pulls in ambient air and recirculates back purified air while releasing plasma ions to attract and kill viruses and bacteria on contact.

ETi Recognized as Top 10 Air Quality Solutions Provider of 2022

ETi SSL has been selected as one of the “Top 10 Air Quality Solution Providers 2022” and are being featured on the cover of this month’s Construction Tech Review magazine. ETi offers two germicidal product lines—SilentAire and CleanAire— that leverage GUV disinfection technology to provide comprehensive surface and air disinfection, protecting residents against bacteria, molds, fungi, and viruses in any indoor space.

Supercoral by Lumen Center Italia

Natural branching and irregular shapes with decorative contours are the hallmarks of the Coral family. Supercoral is the largest member of the family, with 8 or 16 lights.

Alma by Il Fanale

The evocative fusion of glass and brass gives rise to Alma, a collection of lamps in contemporary design. Spherical luminous bodies are suspended as if on a trapeze for an interplay of geometry and balance.