Month: March 2021

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Plint by Nemo

Plint challenges the notion of conventional spotlights with a flexibility that allows it to illuminate from beneath as well as from a support surface.

365DisInFx™ UVC Technology

Learn all about 365DisInFx™ UVC Technology, the first UL certified direct LED UVC product to provide continuous UVC inactivation of aerosolized viruses in occupied spaces.

Potence Pivotante by Nemo

The design of Charlotte Perriand's Potence Pivotante was inspired by the boom of sailboats. The arm is fixed to the wall and rotates on the horizontal axis, forming an angle of almost 180 degrees.

Verozza’s new Quickship Program

Verozza has introduced a Quick Ship Program for their most popular downlight collections. The program includes the ARIOBASIC and TAKEO 4.0, products, which will ship within 5-business days of receipt of order.

GE Current’s LAL Wall Mount Series

The LAL Wall Mount Series are designed to easily mount to a wall, while providing a family look with the recessed and suspended LAL Fixtures. The LAL WM can be mounted individually or in continuous rows.

Introducing Daintree EZ Connect Lighting Controls

Daintree EZ Connect is a room based lighting controls solution. Each fixture has an integrated wireless occupancy and daylight sensor, and the system can be setup, commissioned and controlled via the Daintree EZ Connect app.