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Tunable White Koto LED Module

This system allows the user to change color temperature of their downlighting to their own needs with a simple Bluetooth, Wifi, or wired control system. Mimic the patterns of natural lighting throughout the day, or use the product for healthcare or educational purposes.

The Oak System

The 1" Oak System contains Elco's smallest LED recessed fixtures. These 12V AC downlights and gimbals are engineered to squeeze into the tiniest of spaces, indoors or outdoors, yet still provide enough power to provide over 600 lumens - more than a traditional 50W halogen fixture.

Lumenfocus PBLA Aisle High/Low Bay

The US-made PBLA G2 is an ideal solution for most warehouse aisles and corridors. Its enhanced specular reflector is designed to provide even vertical illumination on shelving and optimize lighting in the aisleways. 

TPL G1 Panel

The field selectable lumen and CCT outputs make the G1 panel a stocking dream. A stylish, true performance luminare that's perfect for the multi-project minded.

WFC G1 Wall Pack

The WFC is a SKU saving LED full cutoff wall pack featuring 4 lumen outputs and 3 CCT color outputs. A pre-installed low-voltage photocell is installed directly to the driver, as well as additional heat-sink fins just for the LED module - increasing the total lifespan.

FSS G1 Flood Lights

Slim, budget friendly LED flood lights featuring 4 selectable lumen outputs and 3 selectable CCT color outputs in 3 different sizes, each with 2 mounting options in an IP65 aluminum housing.

ETi TwistFit Marine Bulkhead

ETi's TwistFit Marine Bulkheads are versatile and durable. Built tough to withstand the harshest weather conditions with a protective metal grid and polycarbonate base that is rust and corrosion resistant.