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Graffiti is a line of workhorse LED downlight fixtures from Specialty Lighting focused on offering innovative technologies along with reduced lead times and affordable price points. Graffiti's flexible platform offers lighting designers and engineers a choice of shapes, trims, drivers, and beam spreads for their projects.


Steinel’s occupancy/vacancy sensors are more sensitive using only low power PIR technology - due to unique multifaceted lens designs.  More granular coverage means no dead spots in rooms which means the lights come on every time they’re needed.

Traffic safety with Jobe's Beckstone

Jobe's Beckstone can be used to create high contrast, low glare light to mark hazardous spots and crosswalks – especially where it is difficult to install other lights. This is particularly helpful for visually impaired pedestrians as an added level of safety.

Voiles chosen as 2017 Best of Year Honoree

Céline Wright's Voiles for LEDS-C4 was named a 2017 Best of Year Award Honoree by Interior Design. Voiles is designed to evoke the movement of sails by layering traditional Japanese Washi paper around a central LED light source.

Arcluce's SOUL180

Arcluce's SOUL180 bollard features a sleek yet tough IP66-rated die-cast aluminium body and pole with three radial LED light sources. The SOUL180's optics are designed to generat diffused and uniform illumination, with low light pollution.