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TMB Dataplex Devices

TMB's new Dataplex are high-performance, user-friendly and glitch-free signal management devices that won't break the bank.

Anolis lights La Porte de Bourgogne

The city of Bordeaux has new Anolis outdoor lighting for its magnificent La Porte de Bourgogne landmark. The city council wanted more dynamic lighting that could redefine and celebrate La Porte de Bourgogne’s significance as a symbolic gateway to the city.

Gaia by Terzani

The Gaia Linear Pendant consists of geometric frames of Brass or Raw Metal, and captures the mythical and natural beauty of its Earth goddess namesake.

ETi Direct/Indirect Architectural Wrap

ETi's EZ Install Direct/Indirect Architectural Wrap Light Series is a unique design that provides efficient and economical illumination for a wide range of ambient applications.

Clash by Penta

Clash is a wall lamp combining the lightness of glass and the strength of metal to create a modern and sophisticated wall fixture, with an optional adjustable lower section.