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Red Sky Block-Mini H2

The H2 is a CID2 and CIID1 LED area light producing up to 200 lumens per watt and utilizing seven mounting options. Ideally suited for low mounting heights in harsh and hazardous marine, power and chemical environments.

ETi 4ft. Vapor Tight

ETi's 4ft. Vapor Tights are weatherproof and IP65 rated, offering protection against water jets from any angle. Vapor Tights allow for suspended, surface, and continuous installation, and ship with mounting bracket accessories.

Elco’s Koto Tunable White LED Module

The Koto is a budget friendly, fully featured module that allows the user to easily change the color temperature with a mobile device. 3 and 4" shallow IC airtight housings, twist-&-Lock trim, and optic accessories are available.

Terzani’s Argent

Argent consists of metal discs that have been meticulously shaped by hand into clusters. Once lit, the multiple angled surfaces of the discs emanate a soft, shimmering glow.

Outdoor Light Bulb Guide

Check out Hevi Lite's guide to learn about the best outdoor light bulbs, such as the best light bulbs for cold weather or the best decorative outdoor light bulbs, and find out how these can enhance outdoor spaces at night.

Ascenti Trifecta

Deceptively delicate in appearance, the Trifecta features mounting legs are actually hollow, structural carbon fiber rods providing superior strength, with one "power foot" for through-wiring. The 2W RGBWW LED COB is easily replaceable by removing its light aluminum shroud. Embracing an incongruous design approach, no side length is the same, forming an acute scalene triangle.

Paco Aqua Exit

The Paco Aqua Exit is UL924 listed for wet locations and is constructed from high impact corrosion resistant, thermoplastic. The UV resistant polycarbonate faceplate has an integrated gasket to ensure ingress protection.

Tempesta LED ECO

The Tempesta LED ECO wet location fixture delivers 925lms at a very reasonable price. The Tempesta LED ECO is easy to install and is available with an emergency battery unit.

CASTEX Hazardous Series

Castex is a family of Hazardous LED fixtures (including Class 1 Div 1 models) ideal for use in heavy industrial facilities and areas with flammable vapors, gases or combustible dusts.