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Thin metallic stems of light designed to be used in groups - together they create delicate and evocative patterns. Available in 3 sizes and 3 finishes.


The modular structure of Penta's Tile allows it to create infinite patterns of light and sound diffusing panels in 6 different shades.


Altura is a floor lamp designed by Sommella & Anonima Luci for Penta. Two thin steel rods are connected by a joint that can adjust the height of the fixture. Lightweight materials and sophisticated technology contained within the cone-shaped shade.


The Amphora collection has been designed to create a warm environment, especially outdoors. The size and shape of this collection pay a subtle and discreet homage to the terracotta amphora formerly used to store food. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrBTNTJod8w


Cocktail by Francesc Vilaró is balance. Creativity and industrialisation. Innovation and aesthetics. A portable lamp that works for you, creating and suggesting perfect atmospheres.


The Roda Collection is characterized by its large, cylindrical, ring-shaped shade. Its inner contour is surrounded by an aluminum ring housing a continuous circle of LEDs, emitting a uniform, filtered light.


BuzziFalls is an elegant acoustic element and room-dividing solution in one. Made of a dual-layer of BuzziFelt, these sound-absorbing screens are precision cut with bold patterns, available in a range of biophilic and geometric shapes. BuzziFalls can be mounted or suspended from the wall or ceiling, or combined with an available rail to create a movable room divider.

Attic Pendant

Attic is a modular, contemporary collection formed by two lampshades, one of which is conical and the other cylindrical, and it’s presented with a hanging system that can be used independently or in conjunction with other pieces. Attic, designed by Nahtrang Studio, achieves inviting settings by playing with the position of its cables and casings, with infinite compositional and painting possibilities available.

Organic Wall Lamp

The soft and harmonious silhouette of this piece is inspired by the organic shapes of flowers and leaves. Its slightly curved lampshade, featuring a gold interior, subtly and naturally blends into the space. This collection has been designed by Àlex & Manel Lluscà.


With smooth, discreet lines, Miso is an essential ceiling light that adapts to any space. Available in two sizes, it has two color combinations in its indoor option. The remarkably matte finish of its diffuser is achieved thanks to the artisan painting process applied in our factory. This collection is designed by Àlex & Manel Lluscà.