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BuzziFalls is an elegant acoustic element and room-dividing solution in one. Made of a dual-layer of BuzziFelt, these sound-absorbing screens are precision cut with bold patterns, available in a range of biophilic and geometric shapes. BuzziFalls can be mounted or suspended from the wall or ceiling, or combined with an available rail to create a movable room divider.

BuzziSpace BuzziLight Mono

BuzziLight was the first acoustic lighting solution launched by BuzziSpace in 2008. Immediately communicating their mission, the lamp balanced the need for diffused lighting, fun and acoustics. The strong vertical lines have been CNC-cut and is available in a range of bright BuzziFelt colors. As the light peeks through the patterns, dramatic shadows extend outwards to the walls.

BuzziSpace BuzziProp

BuzziProp’s soft structure offers sound-absorbing capabilities, delivering acoustic comfort paired with a warm ambient light. BuzziProp Small is perfect for individual tables, while BuzziProp Beam works well in larger collaboration spaces, meeting rooms, and reception areas. 

BuzziSpace BuzziMoon

BuzziMoon's LED module provides diffused downlight, and it's soft fabric edges diffuse sounds while the structural body, made from absorbing materials, delivers excellent acoustic performance. With its high density, this solution works on the whole audible spectrum, from low to mid and high tones.