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Thin metallic stems of light designed to be used in groups - together they create delicate and evocative patterns. Available in 3 sizes and 3 finishes.


The modular structure of Penta's Tile allows it to create infinite patterns of light and sound diffusing panels in 6 different shades.


Altura is a floor lamp designed by Sommella & Anonima Luci for Penta. Two thin steel rods are connected by a joint that can adjust the height of the fixture. Lightweight materials and sophisticated technology contained within the cone-shaped shade.

Penta Glo

Glo is an icon of Penta's collection, a glass sphere enhancing the glare of light, in a game of reflections back and forth between the lamp and the space or among the very lamps.The rich palette of colours and the different dimensions of the suspension lamps are a toast to creativity.

Penta Enoki

Resuming shapes from art deco, this wall lamp combines a metal sheet with a protruding half-dome. Enoki can be a single design object or combined with other similar elements, assembled with different orientations.

Penta Clash

Clash is a wall lamp combining the lightness of glass and the strength of metal to create a modern and sophisticated object, with a futuristic touch given by matte black and bronze finishings. The lower part is adjustable, a functional feature rather than an aesthetic one.

Feel by Penta

Penta's Feel combines sound absorbing textile discs and luminous stems in a suspended fixture. The matching or contrasting discs allow for a variety of sizes and designs.

Wonder by Penta

Penta's uniquely shaped Wonder is available in different dimensions, finishes and heights which look best together as a single installation.

Penta Acorn

Penta's newly UL-listed Acorn Suspension features a unique interplay of materials, with a hand-troweled concrete base paired with a clear glass shade.