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3D Flex 25 IP20

The Radiant 3D LED Flex 25 system has been developed for use in a wide variety of architectural lighting projects requiring cove lighting and wall wash lighting where the building surfaces are non-linear with curved profiles and facades.

Elucid 20 Ball-Joint

The Euclid 20 Ball-joint system combines the simplicity of the Euclid 20 with the total flexibility of the 3D LED Flex range. The system incorporates the same medium power LEDs used in the Euclid 20 so that these systems can be used together on the same project. On board linear drivers and LEDs in a wide variety of color temperatures with CRI up to 95.

Radiant Lights the University of Edinburgh

Radiant’s 3D LED Flex 40 IP66 system is used to illuminate the University of Edinburgh Old College Dome. The system follows the round profile of the dome in three rings, illuminating upwards.

Santa & Cole Tatu

Tatu is an object-lamp that has become a memorable icon of Spanish pop culture in the 1970s. Incorporating LED technology, the light intensity and focal aperture are easily adjustable, conducive to quiet retreat or activities that require concentration.

Santa & Cole Fad

Fad's cylindrical oak column creates a vertical symmetry that gracefully supports an almost cylindrical white linen shade. With no time for unnecessary adornment, Fad lamps are distinguished by their permanent elegance.

Santa & Cole Lamina

Lamina are hanging lamps with ribboned shades whose mere presence imbues a room with character. Santa & Cole advocates the use of ribboned shades to dress up every kind of light source, exploring different materials and playing with colors and hues.

FOC Moon

The Moon collection is based on the astral inspiration that illuminates the space recalling the nights of full moon. Its minimalist design and the combination of its geometric forms make it have a strong character and a balanced disorder.

Italamp Tea

Suspension lamp in gold nickel and anthracite metal with blown satin glass diffusers. Available in different colors. Previous Next

Innermost Beads

The Beads range is a unique pendant design that resemble beads strung together, and create hovering spheres of light that seem to float in space. These striking lights provide both direct and ambient lighting, perfect for commercial, hospitality, institutional and residential interiors. Previous Next https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2h40rszArU