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Paco Aqua Exit

The Paco Aqua Exit is UL924 listed for wet locations and is constructed from high impact corrosion resistant, thermoplastic. The UV resistant polycarbonate faceplate has an integrated gasket to ensure ingress protection.

Tempesta LED ECO

The Tempesta LED ECO wet location fixture delivers 925lms at a very reasonable price. The Tempesta LED ECO is easy to install and is available with an emergency battery unit.

CASTEX Hazardous Series

Castex is a family of Hazardous LED fixtures (including Class 1 Div 1 models) ideal for use in heavy industrial facilities and areas with flammable vapors, gases or combustible dusts. 

Beghelli ACCIAIO

The ACCIAIO family are IP66 rated, industrial-grade, vapor tight fixtures that offer easily upgradeable technology, convenient installation and a robust design for most commercial and light industrial applications.

Beghelli Quickship

Beghelli makes it easy to quickly check stock on popular emergency lighting products available for Quickship. Available items can be quickly gathered into a sharable wishlist.


Beghelli has upgraded the award-winning Tempesta emergency lighting with LED technology, while still providing the same delivered lumens and consuming 30% less wattage and all at a very competitive price.

Beghelli Vesta Max Emergency Lighting Power Supply

The VESTA MAX is designed to provide up to 600 watts/600VA of emergency power to incandescent, fluorescent, induction and LED luminaires. Unlike an emergency ballast, it provides power to the input side of the luminaire, eliminating any chance of incompatibility.