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Hydro by Forum

Hydro is IP66 rated, and capable of withstanding the harshest of environments. Hydro can be installed as a direct or indirect linear luminaire.

PLC Multipoint Cadence Wired Systems

PLC's wired systems offer a complete set of controls with a clean, unified style and advanced PIR & Dual-Tech passive acoustic detection technology. Both line voltage & low voltage models are available.

Terzani Atlantis XXL

Terzani custom built a massive installation of their Atlantis fixture, made with thousands of illuminated lengths of draped nickel chain.

Xtralight’s UV-C Disinfection System

Xtralight now offers a high power ultraviolet disinfection system in mobile and handheld models. The UV-C light is highly effective against dangerous viruses and bacteria including SARS, Salmonella, E-Coli, Polio, Strep, and Rotaviruses.

Shades from Innermost

Innermost produces a range of shades with anti bacterial coatings that stop mold & bacterial growth - suitable for healthcare, residential, and office applications. The materials can also be provided in roll form as wall coverings.

Argent, a Precious Cloud

Terzani's Argent consists of metal discs that have been meticulously shaped by hand by Terzani craftsmen into clusters. Once lit, the multiple, angled surfaces of the discs emanate a soft, shimmering glow. Argent is available in stainless steel, gold plated, black nickel, rose gold and champagne finish.