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ETi 4′ VersaStrip 2 Pack

The only 8′ Strip light that ships in a 4′ carton! The VersaStrip consists of two 4′ 5,694 lumen strips that can be installed in a wide array of configurations: Single 4′ Strip, 8′ Strip, Low/High Bay, or Grid/Pattern Installation.

Ascenti’s Circadian-Safe Lighting

Learn about Ascenti's Vivio Circadian-Safe LED board, designed with both blue and violet emission chips, avoiding the typical LED blue spike on the photopic spectrum known to influence our circadian systems. 

JoBe’s Paver Lights in Color

JoBe's solid colored Beckstone paver lights are available in amber, blue, red, green and yellow - allowing a contrast or camouflage effect with the surrounding paver and landscape design.