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Lost by Modo Luce

Modo Luce's Lost makes a bold statement with the simplest of shapes. The fabric-wrapped columns can be pendant or floor mounted, and paired with smaller matching table lamps.

Charlie by Modo Luce

Charlie is a large scale pendant or ceiling lamp - a metal ring encloses a fabric cylinder that floats in the air as if by magic, creating a soft glow.

Peggy by Modoluce

Available as a pendant or ceiling lamp, Peggy illuminates any space with its dual light source - the fabric version of the disc also serves as an acoustic treatment.

Modo Luce’s Peggy

Available as a pendant or ceiling lamp, Peggy illuminates any space with its dual light source. The fabric version of the disc is both handsome and functional, as it also serves to help reduce reverb, thus combining acoustic and visual comfort.

Modoluce’s Alco

Modoluce’s Alco is a unique and striking oversized suspension or ceiling mounted lamp available in 3 and 4 foot diameters. Alco’s semicircular shade elements fit together to create a sense of tension and movement, and are covered with high-quality Kvadrat fabric.

Modoluce Atollo Panco

Modoluce's Atollo Panco serves triple duty as a light source, decorative element, and seating in outdoor spaces. The half-circle design can be paired to create complete rings of light, and am RGB system allows for color control.

Clip by Modoluce

Modoluce's Clip is part of their new shapes of light collection for 2018. The clip is built from two reflective shells held in place by a slim metal frame available in 4 different colors. The lower aluminum shell hides the light source, while the upper opal diffuser reflects the light.

Modoluce Elisse

Modoluce's Elisse features a contrasting pairing of shade materials - a large acrylic suspension surrounding an inner shade in coloured polycarbonate, cotton, or hand-finished pleated fabric. Over 30 colors are available.