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The Amphora collection has been designed to create a warm environment, especially outdoors. The size and shape of this collection pay a subtle and discreet homage to the terracotta amphora formerly used to store food. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrBTNTJod8w


Cocktail by Francesc Vilaró is balance. Creativity and industrialisation. Innovation and aesthetics. A portable lamp that works for you, creating and suggesting perfect atmospheres.


The Roda Collection is characterized by its large, cylindrical, ring-shaped shade. Its inner contour is surrounded by an aluminum ring housing a continuous circle of LEDs, emitting a uniform, filtered light.

Bover Nut B/60 Outdoor

With Nut bollards, Bover has expanded the family to take the bollards out into the garden and blend them with the green of the plants and bushes. The bollards emit a halo of nuanced, direct lower light at an angle of 55º. They are non-directional.

Bol by Bover

Inspired by the classic Maria Theresa chandeliers, the concept of the Bol emerged as a large, contemporary chandelier whose charm resides in its opaque body and the upper and lower light path emitted by its shades.

Folie by Bover

The Folie lights can be fitted together or separately, allowing to create different combinations according to any project needs. Through their ribbon shade, made entirely by Bover, they emit soft and cozy light.

Soft by Bover

Soft projects a clear, direct lower light through a polycarbonate diffuser and a soft glow through its textured silicone shade. Soft can be used in and outdoors, and is easily disassembled for cleaning.

Bover Nans

Bover's Nans highlights the craftsmanship of the lampshades with a different way of weaving that combines colors and formats to create a true Mediterranean style.