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Confetti by Specialty Lighting

The Confetti family’s array of options includes recessed downlights, wall washers , adjustable eyeball and surface offerings in the form of tiny monopoints and pendants. All are available in flanged and flangeless. At ~ 400 lumens in the downlights and 3:1 wall washing uniformity you have plenty of flux to create BIG EFFECTS with small stuff. Have some fun and throw some Confetti to light your space. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzKArSs-Cuw

Crosshatch by B.lux

Crosshatch is formed by a metal structure available in three formats, which can be combined to create multiple large configurations.

Circus by Modoluce

The large scale Circus decorates and illuminates a space, while protecting it from ambient noise and reverberations with sound-absorbing fabrics.

Tunable White Koto LED Module

This system allows the user to change color temperature of their downlighting to their own needs with a simple Bluetooth, Wifi, or wired control system. Mimic the patterns of natural lighting throughout the day, or use the product for healthcare or educational purposes.

The Oak System

The 1" Oak System contains Elco's smallest LED recessed fixtures. These 12V AC downlights and gimbals are engineered to squeeze into the tiniest of spaces, indoors or outdoors, yet still provide enough power to provide over 600 lumens - more than a traditional 50W halogen fixture.