Month: May 2021

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C_Ball System by B.lux

C_Ball is a tubular lighting system that can create both horizontal and vertical angles with glass spheres to create unique installations.

ETi SMD6 Surface Mount Disk Light

ETi’s SMD6 Surface Mount Disk Lights are an easy-to-install downlight for any location in home or office. The SMD6 mounts quickly into an existing junction box, and can also retrofit into many existing 5″ and 6″ cans.

Innermost’s Bramah

Bramah's simple and recognisable silhouette is extruded from a solid block of aluminium. The delicate shadows it creates are both beautiful and surprising.

Lite Hole S by Blux

Lite Hole is a large and very special suspension, ceiling, and wall lamp consisting of two concentric aluminum hoops that make up a short, circular lighting body with a minimum height of 2.4 inches.

NanoTex by Nanometer

NanoTex luminaries feature 70% Non PVC cold stretch fabric in both recessed and surface linear, square and rectangle forms. The fixture is a key feature of the lobby at 1600 Market Street in Philadelphia.