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Hunza Ultra 35 Liquid Beam Tunable White Spot Light

The Hunza Ultra 35 Liquid Beam™ Intelligent Luminaire range packs a punch. Integrating multiple technologies into one streamlined product providing control at your fingertips. The standard Ultra 35 Luminaire has been enhanced to facilitate Casambi technology, Bluetooth & Liquid Beam™ Control.

Hunza Catenary Mount High Power RGBW

The Catenary Mount High Power RGBW has been designed to add vitality and a POP of colour for transverse suspension lighting systems. This provides a dynamic moonlighting effect and can be used for illuminating pathways, streets, and walkways. Each unit comes with its own remote mounted DMX driver.

Hunza SLIM-FIT and Surface Mount Fixtures

Hunza's SLIM-FIT and Surface Mount fixtures are designed for conditions where mounting surfaces have a limited depth or a recessed fitting is not suitable. All fixtures are available with Natural Copper or 316 Stainless Steel bodies designed to withstand the elements.

New Hunza Ultra 12 Spot

The Hunza Ultra 12 Spot Range offers three choices of light engine, static white, tunable white, and dim to warm which warms during dimming to mimic incandescent light.

Hunza Outdoor Lighting

Learn all about Hunza's outdoor lighting, hand-built and engineered in New Zealand to combine extreme durability with timeless design.

Hunza's Blade

The Blade is a rectangular shaped projector - ideal for use as a surface grazing light or wall washer. The Blade's design means the projected light has a square edge rather than a scalloped shaped beam.

Hunza's New Arch Bollard Optic

Hunza has introduced a wide beam angle of 95 degrees, joining the narrower type 2 and forward throw type 4 optics. This optic will be available for the full Hunza Arch Bollard line, and is best suited for general area and pedestrian lighting.

Hunza Euro Twin Bar Lite

The Euro Twin Bar Lite is an extra compact outdoor luminaire designed for situations where the fixture needs to be very unobtrusive or concealed. Two spotlights which can be aimed in different directions – ideal for illuminating landscape features.

Hunza's Ultra 35

Hunza's Ultra 35 is a compact outdoor wall or pole mounted spot light with available beam angles from 13-34 degrees, three color temperatures, and various glare control accessories.  The Ultra 35 completes the Ultra family and is also available with RGBW color mixing.