Yanzi Suspension by Artemide

Artemide's Yanzi is a lightweight and graphic composition, featuring a stylized perched swallow crafted from brass. Different versions of the Yanzi include multiple birds flying free, or a single bird in a glass "cage".

Alva’s Tex goes fishing

Handcrafted in California, Alva’s Tex is featured on the facade of the Bass Pro Shops mall. Tex is an architectural scale, IP66 rated wet-listed exterior wall sconce that can be power washed at high pressure, and is designed to be maintenance free for over 20 years. Large facades require large fixtures - and Tex is available up to 60” in length.

GE’s New Daintree One Wireless Sensor

At the size of a quarter, the Daintree One is the smallest occupancy/light sensor on the market. The Daintree One can be factory installed in GE's LVR, LVT, LET, and LBR fixtures and function on its own, or be upgraded to serve as part of larger room or building network - making it an ideal first step in building a digital infrastructure.


Mule's Radius Series TSR Optix + high-power LED emergency lighting unit provides industry leading 125' path of egress spacing - perfect for larger areas and egress paths, eliminating the need for multiple emergency lighting units.

Le Corbusier from Nemo

NEMO brings the classic lighting design of architect Le Corbusier to the 21st century. Fixtures include pendant, floor, and wall fixtures.

Semplice by Esse-ci

The Semplice is a unique linear fixture that emits light in all directions, including through translucent caps at the ends. Semplice can be individually installed, continuously mounted or even pattern formed using a range of accessories.

Pool lighting from LuxR

LuxR's M4 and M2 Pool lights are low-voltage dimmable pool light producing 360 lumens. The IP68 rated fixtures are precision machined in marine grade 316 stainless steel, and contain a Cree 4 watt LED that can be easily replaced to alter the beam width.


Venture Lighting is now assembling their modern highbays, defender wallpacks, environ area lighting, vfloods area lighting, and LED Bollards in the USA. This allows for faster delivery time and more factory installed options, all built with American quality and know-how.


Venture's medium base LED Retrofit lamps are the ideal upgrade solution to traditional HID lamp technologies, and feature a warm 3000k color temperature.


Venture’s VSplash is a 480V NSF Certified LED highbay uniquely designed for food processing applications, yet maintaining a high lumen efficacy. They are designed to quickly and easily replace H.I.D and fluorescent fixtures.

Crestron’s new SolarSync Photosensor

See how Crestron's innovative new SolarSync photosensor drives indoor lighting to match the color temperature and intensity of the outdoor light throughout the day, or creates artistic lighting scenes that make midnight feel like a sunny afternoon.

Specialty Lighting’s Wall Grazer #812

Specialty's #812 is a sleek recessed linear wall grazer with flangless housing and 2" opening. The #812 can be used in wall heights up to 12' to highlight the texture in surfaces such as stucco or brick or illuminate flat surfaces such as plaster or wood.