LuxR Modux V1

The LuxR Modux V1 is a compact low-voltage dimmable indoor/outdoor light. The ultra discreet Modux is designed to project an asymmetrical wash across paths and steps.

MaxiLED from VLT

MaxiLED's patented technology provides DMX data via electrical wires, providing lighting control without the cost or complication of traditional DMX wiring.

Inspiration from Lumafilm

Explore the creative uses of Lumafilm's super thin and flexible planar LED light emitter - from large scale billboards to interior panels with installation as close as 1.5”.

Zero price increases from Crestron

In a year where competitors have been forced to make 5-25% price increases due to tariffs, Crestron continues to have ZERO price increases on their commercial lighting controls.

Verbatim RetroStick T5

Save time and money with Verbatim RetroStick LED T5 linear fixtures. Magnetic clips affix the RetroStick T5 to existing metal housings, eliminating the need for fastening screws and making retrofit installation quick and cost effective.

Linear Tuff Series by Red Sky

Red Sky's explosion-proof Linear Tuff is designed for the most demanding and hazardous environments like petrochemical facilities, drilling rigs, loading docks, mining tunnels, and oil and gas refineries.

Nemo’s New Ellisse Mega and Triple

Nemo has added Triple and Mega versions of their Ellisse pendants. The Triple uses three different size rings to create a dynamic composition that provides both direct and indirect light. The Mega is now the largest and most dramatic member of the Ellisse family.

GE’s TriGain Changes Everything

GE’s TriGain phosphor offers unmatched color rendering. TriGain is a patented technology that increases both CRI and R9, resulting in better color rendering and reds that are sharper and cleaner.

Saiph by Neri

Neri's Saiph has a two-part aluminum base with specific slots designed to hold decorative lighting modules available in green, yellow or blue. The luminaires are positioned at different heights to provide the best light for both road and pavement.

Prolite PCPLED Garage Luminaire

The PCPLED garage luminaire is a high performance solution for parking garages, storage areas, stairwells, and other applications requiring a low-profile luminaire that can be surface- or pendant-mounted.

Venture Gas Station Canopy Luminaire

The Venture Lighting Gas Station canopy is an IP65 rated surface mount luminaire with a low profile, lightweight design featuring long life and low maintenance.

Vantage F-Class Price Reduction

Vantage Lighting has announced a 10% PRICE REDUCTION on all F-Class Commercial Downlight Products. Vantage's F-Class Commercial downlights are made with 90% North American content, including U.S. cold-rolled steel housings.