Disinfection Lighting from GE Current


GE Current is now offering the new LBU22, a recessed 2×2 fixture featuring disinfectant UVA LED technology for facilities aiming to reduce bacteria on high-touch surfaces. The 2×2 square is the first form factor available from GE Current (more to follow). The LBU is the first fixture in the industry to provide (simultaneously) comfortable, white light for general illumination (with no shift in CCT) and 365nm UVA for continuous disinfection of human occupied spaces.

GE’s UVA disinfectant technology is:

  • Safe for human exposure
  • Invisible and available in two different intensities (for either 8hr and 24hr application)
  • Continuously and dramatically reducing bacteria and pathogens on high-touch surfaces
  • Very effective at killing dangerous bacteria like MRSA, e-Coli, and others that building operators fight to control
  • Designed originally to aid health systems in reducing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)
    (Hospital Acquired Infections cost hospitals between $35‐$45 billion annually)

Contact us for more information and to order LBU for a trial