Custom Lighting


In an era of individually-tailored everything, we’ve become accustomed to having many things created for our specific needs — from clothing (Stitch Fix) to meals (Freshly) to workouts (Peloton). The list goes on and on.

Yet, many people hesitate to allow this passion for customization to transfer to the world of lighting. Even among architects and designers, the perception still lingers that “it costs too much” or “it’s too fancy for my application.”

And while yes, you can go as expensive or highbrow as you want with custom lighting, the truth is that the vast majority of custom lighting is not only widely attainable — it may also be the perfect solution for your specific project.


So, what qualifies as Custom Lighting?

At its core, all custom infers to is that a product isn’t “off the shelf.”   Something that is made for the application or to complete the design.  That means it can cover a broad range of customer requests:

  • Standard product lines that are “made to measure” to fit perfectly into some part of the architecture
  • Standard fixture families that utilize custom materials or finishes to meet an aesthetic requirement in the design
  • Modifying an existing piece (such as replicating it at a different scale or adding/subtracting elements to help organize a space)
  • Unique pieces – fixtures, families or installations – that are as much “objects of art” as they are sources of illumination

Custom lighting, seamlessly integrated into specific building elements, can discretely make the architecture the source of light that moves us to or through or in a space.  When custom fixtures become a part of the architecture, they can perfectly reinforce the overall architectural themes and enhance our experience by “magically” making elements of the building seem to levitate or radiate a specific energy or identity.

An opportunity for custom lighting can also unleash the pure imagination of an architect, a light artist, a lighting designer or often the whole design team.  It becomes a significant opportunity to help the design team put their signature on a building or transform a space into something completely special and unique.

Custom fixtures require a significant amount of coordination.  Multiple members of The Circle of LightTM must work together effort between the design team and the parties to create a unique product for a specific environment — from concept through final installation.

If you can dream it, there’s a manufacturer out there who can build it and we have the experience to coordinate with the design team, the construction team and the manufacturers that have the facilities and the interest in making your custom lighting come true.

Here are a few of the manufacturers we rely on for consistently beautiful custom lighting:

Ascenti Lighting is made up of a group of rebel designers on a mission to ascend lighting to the next level. They’re constantly pursuing unique products, applying the latest technologies, and perfecting the LED spectrum. In addition, they’re focused on delivering exquisite illumination solutions with an emphasis on LED health and wellness considerations.

ELA Lighting has built a 75-year reputation for design ingenuity and quality craftsmanship — making large-scale custom fixtures for landmark public buildings, resort hotels, casinos, and theme parks. Because of the longevity of ELA’s internal staffing and decades of manufacturing knowledge, ELA can construct almost any custom request.

Graypants Studio invests in innovative ideas that help create meaningful jobs. They take great pride in the quality of their work and firmly believe that design is really about people. That’s why their products are an extension of the people, the faces, and the stories behind them.

Taking the next step.

At Digital Filaments, we serve as a conduit between you and the industry’s top lighting manufacturers. If you’re interested in learning more about how custom lighting can transform your next project, contact us online today, or call us directly at 215.600.2024. We’re here to provide the answers to all of your lighting needs.