Ornate & modern lighting systems, fixtures & poles + historic cast iron structures & furnishings


Saiph by Neri

Neri’s Saiph has a two-part aluminum base with specific slots designed to hold decorative lighting modules available in green, yellow or blue. The luminaires are

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Neri in Goa

Neri was tasked with lighting a multitude of space in Goa, located on the west coast of India. Modern Hydra luminaires were chosen for the

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Neri in Campagna

Neri’s Light Alya was picked to light the restored San Martino convent in Campagna, Italy. The Alya’s sleek design integrated perfectly with the materials and

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Neri in Venice

See how Neri restored and created faithful replicas of historically significant light posts for the city of Venice. Neri also took on the commission of

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