A rebellious approach to lighting design freedom.



Jeeves by Innermost

Jeeves is a blend of tradition and modern technology – hand-made wool felt hats are lined with an aluminum inner shell to create quirky pendant lights.

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Innermost Facet

Facet is a highly polished stainless steel chandelier & pendant light by Tom Kirk for innermost that brings an infinite amount of reflections to any interior.

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Shropshire Shades from Innermost

Handmade to order from the finest materials, with bespoke available as well. Shropshire Shades is the leading UK contemporary lampshade maker, redefining the modern lampshade with, shape, materials and all

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Hoxton by Innermost

Hoxton is a curvilinear pendant light with three angled facets in spun aluminum, that creates a simple yet striking aesthetic. The shades are available in over 25 color options.

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Innermost Panel

Panel came from experimentation with materials – the use of both polished and matte surfaces were inspired by contemporary jewelry as well as architectural cladding.

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