A rebellious approach to lighting design freedom.



Shades from Innermost

Innermost produces a range of shades with anti bacterial coatings that stop mold & bacterial growth – suitable for healthcare, residential, and office applications. The

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Foundry by Innermost

Foundry is a classic industrial pendant that brings a workshop aesthetic to the Innermost collection. The archetypal industrial form is made from spun steel in

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Cobra by Innermost

Cobra is a wall or furniture mounted LED task light with a fully adjustable, flexible stem. The light has a touch-activated switch and comes with

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Innermost's Portobello

Simultaneously familiar and new, Innermost’s Portobello fits anywhere. Constructed from hand spun aluminium, it draws inspiration from the simplicity and functionality of industrial pendant lights

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Bud by Innermost

Bud is a go-anywhere do-anything portable LED lamp. Imitating nature, the globe bulb is shelled by two petal-like forms which appear to simultaneously hold and

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Kepler by Innermost

Named for the famed mathematician and astronomer, Innermost’s Kepler is reminiscent of black holes and portals from science-fiction. An innovative fabric surface multiplies and refracts

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