Urban Units by Heper

Heper’s Urban Units family provides flexible lighting solutions for urban areas, and also prepares a city for the future with various customizable smart modules.

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Aeralux Saber Natatorium

The Saber Natatorium is a high bay LED luminaire with an anodized aluminum housing, and PC Lens that inhibits salt and chlorine corrosionin pool areas. IThe LED board is coated

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GE Current QuickShip

Current’s QuickShip portfolio is a collection of the most common LED fixtures from our Indoor, Outdoor and Industrial portfolios. Lot sizes of up to 200 pieces automatically qualify for 48

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FLEX Light by QTran

Q-Tran’s FLEX Light series offers versatile LED light strips that can be moved easily in a variety of different directions and molded into different curvatures. The enclosure and the lens

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