Kao by Artemide

Artemide's Kao works both as a light source and a sculpture, adding visual interest with its angular lines and bold look. Kao is composed of pre-assembled sub-units, giving designers and architects the ability to create custom installations.

ETi GrowElite High Output LED Grow Light

Ideal for soil or hydroponic planting in greenhouses, commercial growing operations and indoor gardens, ETi's GrowElite LED grow lights emit the bands of the light spectrum that plants absorb the most, accelerating plant growth for higher yields. Full spectrum LED can be adjusted to promote Vegetating or Flowering stages of development.

GE’s New EFH1 LED Flood Light

The GE Evolve LED High Output Flood Light is their brightest solution to efficiently illuminate building façade, billboard signage and many more traditional flood applications.

Point’s PFB Flashing Beacon

Point Lighitng's PFB LED red and white medium intensity flashing beacons are for use on aviation obstructions, and features Point's exclusive corrosion resistant finish which exceeds FAA requirements.

Neri in Campagna

Neri's Light Alya was picked to light the restored San Martino convent in Campagna, Italy. The Alya's sleek design integrated perfectly with the materials and environment.

The Quiet series from Planlicht

The Quiet series combines lighting and acoustical absorption with organic material. The fixtures come in rectangular or round shapes and can be recessed of pendant mounted.

T-Bar with Tunable White Technology

JLC's T-Bar with tunable white,The Quiet series from Planlicht Neri in Campagna JLC's T-Bar LED is now available with tunable white technology, bringing the benefits of human-centric circadian lighting to the already innovative fixture.

Ever-Brite Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Mule's Ever-Brite signs absorb and store LED light - no bulbs or batteries needed. The signs create clear, brightly glowing egress pathways with 100 foot rated visibility.

Venture Environ Area Light

The Environ area light couples a sleek design with precise ANSI optical distributions to make them the ideal upgrade for area, roadway, and security applications.

Litetronics Vapor Tight Slim Strip

The rugged and corrosion-resistant LED Vapor Tight Slim Strip Light has a 1.5 inch diameter - making it a perfect fit for harsh environments with limited space.

Artemide Alphabet of Light

Light your space AND see your name in lights. Alphabet of light is a modular system built with minimal linear and curved elements. Its minimal presence hides patented mechanical innovation as well as ground-breaking. App-based control.

Designhuere’s New 2019 Collection

See the latest in couture styled fixtures from Designhuere in their 2019 catalog, including the bold Kimono family and new configurations of their Mozaik fixture.