Emergency Inverters from Emergensee

Emergensee Lighting has a large selection of inverters available for emergency power applications. All models are designed for fast, easy wall mounting.

Verbatim Double-Ended Ballast Bypass T8 LED Tubes

Compatible with both shunted and non-shunted tombstones, Verbatim double-ended ballast bypass T8 LED tubes require no additional rewiring, saving installation time and cost while maintaining safety.

Scraplights Pebbles by Graypants

The latest addition to the Graypants' Scraplights collection takes forms from pebbles gathered at three beaches near Seattle, the cold and weathered home of our design studio. Each pebble shade is inscribed with the beach name and coordinates of the original stone that inspired it.

Hunza’s New Arch Bollard Optic

Hunza has introduced a wide beam angle of 95 degrees, joining the narrower type 2 and forward throw type 4 optics. This optic will be available for the full Hunza Arch Bollard line, and is best suited for general area and pedestrian lighting.

Illuminated Mirrors by Ascenti

Ascenti's mirrors feature integrated LED illumination that can be activated with a proximity sensor or switch. The mirrors also have a variety of accessories, including time display, USB port, bluetooth speaker, and integrated TV display.

Venture’s LED Temporary Lights

Venture’s temporary work lighting luminaires are durable, light weight, and designed for easy installation and movement.

Emergency Back-up is Mission Critical

Learn all about the economic impacts of power outages and code requirements for emergency lighting in this article from Litetronics.

VLT Power Panels

VLT’s LED Driver Power Panels are designed to accommodate multiple LED Drivers - constant voltage, constant current, or a mix of both. Power Panels provide easy access, simplified maintenance, and are perfect for large projects.

Anolis ArcSource 24MC submersible

The Anolis ArcSource 24MC submersible fixture is crafted from the highest quality marine grade bronze to cope with both fresh and salt water applications. Multiple LED color arrays allow for stunning lighting displays.

Terzani’s Abacus at Euroluce 2019

Terzani's designers took inspiration from the abacus for a new collection of modular pendant lamps unveiled at Euroluce 2019. Each module, or strand, of Abacus contains a custom set of round, hand-blown opal glass shades which emit a soft and uniform light.

Auroralight Lifetime Warranty

Auroralight's U.S. designed and built fixtures come with a no-hassle, no questions asked, lifetime warranty - returned fixtures are replaced or repaired at no charge.

Aleddra Gen 4 LED Shoebox Fixture

Aleddra’s 4th Generation LED Shoebox is an efficient replacement for existing parking lot lighting luminaires. Accessories are available for square or round poles and wall mounting.