Terzani Manta

Manta is the latest design featuring both an LED source and the distinctive lighting striations of lead crystal first unveiled in Nicolas Terzani’s best-selling Mizu. Terzani collaborated with designer Dodo Arslan to create a family of lights with sinuous, undulating lines designed to be installed in custom arrangements.

Graffiti Downlights

Graffiti is a line of workhorse LED downlight fixtures from Specialty Lighting focused on offering reduced lead times, affordable price points and innovative technologies. Graffiti's flexible platform offers lighting designers and engineers a choice of shapes, trims, drivers, and beam spreads for their projects.

Daintree Wireless Lighting Controls

Daintree’s wireless control platform helps smart buildings run more efficiently while also providing a platform for the Internet of Things. Simple set-up and full management of multiple facilities are controlled via Daintree’s web-based application.


GE's Volumetric T-Grid (LVT) Series Recessed LED Luminaires bring a designer touch to any drop ceiling landscape. The LVT has a distinctive three dimensional look with smooth uniform light from its a curved diffused "basket" lens. The LVT is available in in 2x2, 1x4 and 2x4 configurations.


See how easy it is to instantly upgrade fluorescent lighting with Verbatim's LED Troffer Retrofit kits. Easy to install in less than 5 minutes, Verbatim LED Troffer kits utilize existing troffer housings, eliminating the need to enter ceiling spaces and reducing disposal costs.

Artemide launches new Architectural Collection

Artemide has launched a new Architectural collection, combining design, performance, and function for professional applications such as offices, public spaces, retail or hospitality venues.

iQ20 High Density RGB Tape Light from Q-Tran

Q-Tran’s iQ20 linear LED tape light is now available in a High Density RGB providing up to 224 lumens per foot of color changing ability. This color changing LED is an ideal light source for any interior architectural color changing application.

Creston’s Zum adds phase dimming

Crestron is kicking off 2018 with the addition of phase dimming (for two-wire dimmable loads) to its Zum Lighting System. Zum is a wireless lighting control system, engineered to work seamlessly without interface boxes, antennae, or programming.


Flat panels from ETI that are TRULY FLAT!  Surface mount these INTEGRAL DRIVER units direct to the ceiling with less than a 1” projection from the ceiling.  ETI’s flat panels are 100% manufactured by ETI (from LED to driver to fixture) and are in stock in Chicago.


GE’s new L-series Wall Pack is not plastic or light weight.  It’s a small, high performance and commercial grade replacement for up to 250W HID wall packs.  It features a 2-screw installation bracket that enables fast and simplified mounting and is available with external battery backup for life safety applications.

Backlighting with VLT’s EssentialLED

VLT’s ultra-slim EssentialLED light panels produce backlighting that is bright and even, without visible grids or fade-off in the center, even when backlighting very large areas. EssentialLED requires just 2 inches of cavity space with most materials, and can be any custom shape or size.

Ambiane by Anolis

The first in a line of high-performance downlights from Anolis, the Ambiane is ideal for colorlful ambient lighting applications, wall washing and accent lighting. The Ambiane is available in RGBW and tunable white CCT versions with a variety of beam angles and both DMX and DALI control options.