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In The Wind by Nemo

The dynamic and elegant design of In The Wind is composed of three thin aluminum arms that twist into a helical shape and emit 360° of warm illumination.

Kepler Petite by Nemo

The Kepler is a continuous line based on the Moebius Strip, made with a three-dimensional machining process engineered by Nemo.

Zirkol by Nemo

Zirkol is a delicate collection of precision shapes set in aluminum with single or double light sources available.

Nemo Saori in Rome

Nemo's Saori by Kazuhide Takahama is now on show at Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome - part of a exhibition focusing on the connection between art and industrial production.

Nemo Studio’s First Catalog

Nemo Studio, the architectural division of Nemo Group, launches its first Catalogue. The collection has a specific focus on retail, hospitality and museum lighting.

Nemo’s FIX 100°

The FIX 100° is the latest addition to Nemo's FIX collection, featuring a new glass lens designed to create a more defined light beam.