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Nemo Saori in Rome

Nemo's Saori by Kazuhide Takahama is now on show at Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome - part of a exhibition focusing on the connection between art and industrial production.

Nemo Studio’s First Catalog

Nemo Studio, the architectural division of Nemo Group, launches its first Catalogue. The collection has a specific focus on retail, hospitality and museum lighting.

Nemo’s FIX 100°

The FIX 100° is the latest addition to Nemo's FIX collection, featuring a new glass lens designed to create a more defined light beam.

Plint by Nemo

Plint challenges the notion of conventional spotlights with a flexibility that allows it to illuminate from beneath as well as from a support surface.

Potence Pivotante by Nemo

The design of Charlotte Perriand's Potence Pivotante was inspired by the boom of sailboats. The arm is fixed to the wall and rotates on the horizontal axis, forming an angle of almost 180 degrees.

Applique Cylindrique from NEMO

Applique Cylindrique is an update of Charlotte Perriand’s wall lamp. A simple touch of the metal shade allows the light beam to be controlled and directed.

Nemo’s Applique à Volet Pivotant

Charlotte Perriand was one of the most influential French modernist designers. She originally designed the CP1 Sconce in 1962, and Nemo has modernized and reintroduced this sconce under the name Applique à Volet Pivotant.

Nemo’s Pivotante à Poser

Nemo’s Pivotante à Poser, designed by Charlotte Perriand in the 1950’s, is a table light with a pair of playful rotating shades to direct light.