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JLC Gemini

JLC's GEMINI is a one-of-a-kind 4” wide linear downlight that replaces the cross tees in a suspended ceiling system and significantly conserves plenum space.

JLC Gemini

JLC's Gemini is the first and only 4” linear downlight that replaces the cross tee in a suspended ceiling. 

TERALyte by JLC-Tech

JLC's new TERALyte is a complete line of integrated lighting solutions specifically designed for suspended ceilings in data center applications.


The T-BAR QUADRO kit is comprised of standard T-BAR LED luminaires to create a 2x2 square of light. QUADRO is a clever choice for illuminating spaces with a lighting fixture that blends with the design of the ceiling.

JLC-Tech at OZK Bank

JLC-Tech's T-BAR LED provided the perfect blend of aesthetics and light levels for OZK Bank. The T-BAR LED also made coordination easy between the ceiling and electrical subs on the job.


T-BAR UP offers a new approach for indirect lighting - providing ambient uplight while only extending 2” below the ceiling plane, and replacing the structure in the suspended grid ceiling.

JLC at The Red Cross

JLC's T-BAR LED provided the perfect visual connection between the perimeter windows of the open office and the glass walls of the private meeting rooms at the newly renovated American Red Cross headquarters.

JLC at Arizona State

The new ceiling design is a series of acoustical clouds in which the JLC-Tech fixtures are harmoniously integrated with compatible transitional pendant fixtures in-between.